VYKI creates figurative and contemporary sculptures associating steel with the human body. His art aims to provoke reaction, reflection and buy-in at first glance. Following his passage in several design schools and naturally attracted by the work of volume, materials and their formatting, he focused on steel in particular.

After having learned the handling and characteristics of steel in a conventional way during his studies, he decided to continue this development in a less limited artistic framework; thus allowing to deviate from certain rules which correspond to the industry.

Thanks to an overflowing and spontaneous imagination, he creates light and complex works, aesthetic and unique. Steel, a cold and industrial material by definition, gives an impression of lightness thanks to the use of stainless steel nuts welded together. This composition technique gives a lace effect, we find the hard and solid side of the metal associated with the flexibility and softness of a fabric.

VYKI’s works can be discovered in two stages, the first being the observation of sculpture and its general forms and the second being the discovery of the composition and the meticulous work done on each piece.

At the crossroads between contemporary art and the human body, VYKI creates works that resemble us and that fit in with the times.

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