Véronique Locci

Saint Tropez native and world traveler Véronique Locci explores the reflection of the universe through a series of unique concave glass mirrors.
Inspired by Anish Kapoor installations in Versailles, Louise Bourgeois at the Tate Modern London exhibition and the work of American Doug Aitken, Locci creates objects with magical and oneiric appearances.
Wall mounted on graved and signed wood brackets, these exclusive creations unveil an infinite spectrum of reflections.
Similar to kaleidoscopes, they follow and alternate the movements of the surrounding environment.
Chasing the natural light of a sunrise or sunset, as well as the artificial light of a home, the shadows and movements in the room are constantly evolving and being followed through the surface of the glass.
Created in a French workshop near Paris, these envisioned art pieces are made of hand molded and tinted glass.
Featured in exclusive places, these contemporary, playful and precious shaped pieces usher light, life and invite a mirage any interior space.

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