Pascal Cervantes

Pascal CERVANTES devoted most of his artistic research to developing and perfecting his pictorial technique around themes linked to his mediumistic environment, and thus produced numerous series inspired in particular by Buddhist and Kabbalistic figures.

“My creative desire constantly pushes me in a search for fusion between matter and light”. To achieve this, he works on very thin sheets of paper which then blend into a support of paint and gold leaf and the result of which he perfects with a fine chiseling with a scalpel then a thick epoxy resin varnish which permanently sets the painting and gives it its precious and eternal aspect.

In 2011 his work shifted towards more and more personal subjects. He then starts a series of small canvases presented in polyptych and at the same time embarks on a three-dimensional work around a first series of skulls that he still works with gold leaf and a scalpel but which comes to add a larger palette of colors and volumes. The skulls are then included in large blocks of cubic resins, in which they appear in suspension and which reveal all their nuances.


Matière: Inclusion plexiglass

Tirage: unique

Date: 2021

Prix: 16500 €

Dimensions: 32 x 22 cm


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